My Dream

I have this dream, that one day I’ll have 3 children who excitedly tear open their presents on Christmas morning, instead of just 1 excited child and 2 whom we have to coax into paying attention to the presents instead of their Dora video.  I dream that all three kids will shout things like “I wanted this!” and “Cool!” and “Can I go show the neighbors now?”  They will all three then clamor for pancakes and scrambled eggs, which they will eat 2 bites of and then rush back to their new toys.  The phone will ring, it’s grandma & grandpa, and all three kids will have to talk on the phone with them.  It’ll take forever because the boys especially have a lot to say.  They will build a train track, arguing over which way the track should go, and then finally race the trains around the track and crashing them into each other.  They will harass their sister by taking her new American Girl doll and trying to run her over with their new trains.

Then they will all get their snowpants, boots, coats, hats, scarves and mittens on and play out in the front yard with the neighbor kids.  The boys will play in the snow in the yard, and not even try once to run into the street.  The girls will build a snow fort, which the boys will then destroy.  Aliza will come into the house crying.  It will be hard  for me to punish the boys for wrecking her snow fort, but they will tell her they are sorry.

Well, maybe next Christmas.


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