An Update and Snippets

I intend to update this blog more often in the new year.  Call it a resolution or whatever — I’m going to do it.

By the way — the post just before this one, about how Zack was sick — he had H1N1.  A day or so after he got sick, AJ got sick, I got sick, and Aliza got sick. We all came down with it except Mark, I don’t know how he got off so lucky.  Aliza nearly had to miss Halloween, the boys did miss it.  Mainly because the only reason they were going out was for me, and I wasn’t feeling up to dragging them out.  It was a joyful 2 weeks!

Kids are doing well.  Aliza is not the smartest kid in her class, and she’s keenly aware of it.  Last night she told me that Kaleah can finish a chapter book in only one night; and Kaleah gets picked first for everything; and Kaleah always gets 100% on spelling tests…..good grief.

I had this great plan to put a little surprise in Aliza’s stocking every night, for a week before Christmas, for her to find in the morning.  And then I thought, why should I do that for her and not for the boys?  They won’t care…..but she will definitely notice whether they get something too.  I swear sometimes, half of what I do for them, I do for her benefit more than their own.

So anyway I think I’m going to go ahead and do it for her.  And maybe I’ll put something in the boys’ stockings a couple of  times too, even though she’ll have to get it out for them.


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