Long Overdue

(This was written 10/19, but I “lost” it due to the computer doing something freaky, and now as it turns out, it wasn’t lost after all — here it is!  So I’ll publish it now…)


I just put tator tot hotdish in the oven, AJ is having therapy, Zack has the afternoon off but he’s happily watching Dora and the Super Babies Adventure, Aliza is down the street playing at a friend’s house, and it occurred to me I should put an update out here.  I think about it almost every day but haven’t been so good about getting things done lately.

A friend and I were out for dinner a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned something that has stuck in my mind ever since.  She was at a seminar for working women, and listening to a talk on how to get it all together — work, family, friends, how to have time for it all.  And what one woman in the group says “outsource whatever you don’t want to be remembered for.”  For example she doesn’t care if people remember her as someone who cleaned her house, so she hires a housekeeper.

The theme makes sense to me.  What do I want to be known for doing?  If today were my last day on earth, God forbid, what would I want to spend today doing?  It really made me reevaluate my plans for the day.

On to other things:

The boys started a new med this week — Zoloft.  So far it’s been fine, we think Zack is a little calmer.  It’s much harder to get the medicine in AJ, it is a liquid I have to put in some juice, and I just can’t get AJ to drink juice on command.  Zack will drink just about anything you give him at any time.  I spent all morning today trying to get a half bottle of juice in AJ so he’d get the Zoloft.  He was not interested.  I wonder if he could taste it.

Anyway after a week or so, I have to call our doctor and let her know how it’s going.  I think I talked her into coming to the next International Fragile X Conference, I am so excited about that.  It will be great to see her there!

I had big plans to put the boys back into the same bedroom, but I have put the kibbosh on it.  I just really wanted my spare bedroom back, but I think it might be a real disaster to have them sharing a room.  They still wake up enough at night that it might be asking for trouble, putting them in the same room.  So, no spare room in this house, everybody will continue to get their own space.

Aliza is not loving first grade.  I think it’s partly due to the fact that this is the first time school is actually work.  There is homework and everything!


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