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A trip to Target and McDonalds

September 1, 2009

I know, sounds boring, but let me tell you how exciting it really was.

I could also entitle this “how to get school supplies for your 1st grader with two 4-year-old boys with Fragile X in the cart”

We arrived at Target and walked in uneventfully.  I got a cart out and tried to put Zack in the front part, the seat for babies and toddlers that both he and AJ are way too big for, because that’s the place he can cause the least trouble, but he didn’t want to sit there.  He screamed.  Not the “I am a bit displeased with my situation” scream, but the “I’m having the crap beat out of me!” scream.  The one that makes everyone look at us.  Luckily we are used to it, so I pulled him out of the seat, put him in the front part of the cart, and put AJ in the baby seat in the front.  AJ took that in stride pretty well, bless his little heart.  Zack continued to scream but was sort of trying to pull himself together.  I went to hug him and he pressed his forehead to mine, which is his way of saying “I’m feeling really bad, but I need just a little love here, then I’ll be okay.”

Whew.  So off we went to find a snack for the boys to eat while Aliza and I picked out her school supplies.  Both boys shook their heads “no” to Froot Loops.  They did the same for Cookie Crisp, but this isn’t my first time shopping with them, so I knew they’d eat the Cookie Crisp and keep the complaining and struggling down to a minimum with that, so I picked up a box.  Then we got some milk.  Zack had a little trouble making room for himself and two gallons of milk in the cart, but he managed to figure it out.  Off to the school supply section.

Immediately it is apparent that one should not wait until a week before school to pick up the supplies.  There’s not much out there.  But we dug through and found everything on her 1st grade list except for washable watercolor paints.  That, it seems, Target has run out of.  Oh well, I’m feeling pretty great that we got absolutely everything else on that list without anyone having a meltdown.  The boys have dropped enough Cookie Crisp that we’ve left a little trail (ala Hansel & Gretel)  through Target, in case anyone wanted to follow us.  As we are leaving the school supply section I hear a boy say to his mother “there’s Cookie Crisp all over the place!”  Yep.  We were there.

We weaved between shoppers to get to a check out line and checked out without incident; and then made our way through the parking lot to our car, and in my haste to get the boys strapped into their carseats before they could cause trouble wandering in the car, I bashed my head on the side of the car.  I fought the urge to curse like  sailor in front of the kids, especially these boys who are coming out with new words (or rather, sounds that are a lot like words) every day.  It’d be just  my luck for their first very clear word to be something that’ll get their mouths washed out with soap.

So, to make lunch a little more restful for me, I decided to hit McD’s for lunch, so that everyone would get something they could eat quickly and by themselves.  The number of food items the boys can eat both quickly and all by themselves, well, let’s just say it’s a very short list.  I ordered the Angus burger because I just cannot look at those pictures of them anymore and get a grilled chicken sandwich, but I Weight-Watchered it up by ordering it without mayo or cheese.  Just the meat, veggies, and bun.  Not too bad, right?  They asked me if I wanted the meal, and I said specifically and clearly, NO — no fries, just the sandwich and drink.  Then they went and gave me fries anyway!  Doesn’t that usually work the other way around — they neglect to give you something you ordered?  I am not made of stone, people, I had to eat the fries!  Sorry, weight watchers.