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Update long overdue

June 28, 2009

At the risk of repeating myself….sorry for the silent time between posts.

Summer now, the boys have ABA therapy every afternoon, roughly 12:30 to 7, with about an hour break in between shifts.  Three mornings a week we go to Courage Center for speech and occupational therapy.  I finally figured it out — down time is bad.  Busy, scheduled, organized time is good.

Yesterday we went to the Mothers of Multiples club picnic, and it was really nice.  Great location, great fun people.  I was surprised how many people did show up, considering the weather was less than ideal.  The boys did fine, well, AJ did fine.  He ran and played and had a terrific time.  He seems completely oblivious to the fact that he’s different from other kids.  Zack had a little more trouble, he whined and screamed through quite a bit of the day.  At one point he tried to bite a metal ladder or something, and it hurt his mouth, and he spent the whole rest of the afternoon trying to get over it. 

Somewhere between ages 3 and 4 things changed with the boys.  I feel like 3 year olds are still allowed to act like babies, somewhat, or at least toddlers.  4 year olds are definitely not babies anymore, and the ways in which AJ and Zack are different are much more pronounced now.  AJ blends a little bit — he runs with other kids, even though he won’t talk to them.  Zack has to be followed constantly, because you never know when he might run into a kid coming the other way on the climbing apparatus, and decide to lean over and bite the kid in the arm.  Other kids just don’t see that coming!

They do make some sounds now, there are just a few words you can get out of them.  Zack will say “up” if he wants you to pick him up, or just if you ask him to put his arms up.  They both will say “ball” although it sounds more like just “ba”.  We chant “Five Little Monkeys” several times a day, because they both love that.  And we’ll leave out a couple of words they can fill in:  “Five little monkeys, jumping on the – ” and they both will say “bed”.  Although it sounds more like “beh”.  “One fell off and bumped his – ” and they both will say “head” and reach up and touch their heads.  Here too, it sounds more like “heah”, they have trouble with the ending consonant for some reason.

Aliza is having a fun summer so far, although I’m aware that the long, boring part of summer is just around the corner now.  She went to two vacation bible schools and liked that.  I might have to see if there’s still a chance for me to get her into soccer or t-ball or something, somewhere.  I’d love for her to get into a drama camp or something like that, but she doesn’t want to.

Three teeth have fallen out so far — well, I use the phrase “fallen out” loosely, as two of them were knocked out when she fell down one afternoon.

Mark is still job hunting.  We are trying to make the best of this time.  Like anything, some days are better than others.  He did such an awesome job at our garage sale last week though, I’m thinking of trying to convince him to look into sales positions.  He got a guy to take our ancient, enormous snowblower that doesn’t work, and even got the guy to give him $5 for it.  He could sell the proverbial freezer to an eskimo, I bet.