Ronald Reagan, Michael J. Fox & Me

It’s funny, the connections you never anticipated.  I loved Michael J. Fox as a kid, anyone who knew me will tell you, I had pictures of him up all over my bedroom.  I was a freak, it’s embarrassing, really.

What I could never have guessed — that we’d have a connection, years later.  Well, us and Ronald Reagan.  Our paths have never crossed and yet we have something major in common — we’re all highly interested in stem cell research, because it could help find a cure or treatment for disorders affecting us.  Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, & Fragile X are linked somehow — I couldn’t begin to explain it — but the research that ‘s going into studying Fragile X treatment could also lead to treatments for Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.   It’s exciting because there’s sure to be more support and finances thrown toward this research if it could possibly be beneficial to several different diseases and disorders!

I was just thinking about this because MJF was on Regis & Kelly this morning, and I was remembering how I loved him.  And thinking how I could never in my wildest dreams anticipated the little connection we’d have now, 25 years later.  Ain’t life weird.



  1. 1
    Geri Korman Says:

    How ironic Bonnie. I found myself reading your Blog today, just after donating some money to help funding for adult stem cell research. We hope and pray that scientists can find a cure for our wonderful little nephews through adult stem research.

  2. 2
    Andrea Says:

    Ah, yes. I do remember all of the pictures of MJF in your bedroom. You introduced me to that sticky gluey stuff. It might be embarrassing, but we were all there at some point. For me it was Corey Haim. Look at the “addiction” connection!

    Today I was sitting in the allergists office after getting my weekly injection of dust mite poop and the only new magazine was People from Dec 2008, with MJF on the cover. It’s interesting to read this after the fact.

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